WILLIAMSON, Mick - Some Memorials The Photo-diaries of Mick Williamson

ISBN 10: 1234567890 / ISBN 13: 1234567890123

Published by: Coracle, Clonmel, 1999.
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Limited edition. 500 copies. This is an artist’s proof. Thirty four black and white photographs. No dust jacket as issued. Grey cloth with title stamped in silver on the spine. Photograph pasted to upper cover. Some rubbing and slight marking. Contents in excellent condition. The introduction consists of a series of short poetic responses by Simon Cutts to Williamson’s images. Mick Williamson.

“Since 1975 on a daily basis, like eating breakfast or drinking tea, Mick Williamson has pointed his fixed-focus half-frame camera at the surrounding world. Leave a copy of this book around the room where you can see it from day to day. It may reveal the purposeful inconsequence of these pictures and say something of how the gatherer delighted in their world”.

The title of Williamson’s collection is taken from the cover photograph showing the shop window of a memorial stone-mason. A blank gravestone is placed next to a plastic sign which reads: “Some memorials at below normal price”.