Two peoples called upon to struggle together
Cuba: Political Editions. 1974.

First edition. 190x140mm. pp. 48. Red paper wrappers decorated on upper cover with the flags of Cuba and East Germany. Lettered in black on upper cover. In excellent condition throughout. This short work contains the transcript of two speeches by Castro and Honecker on 23rd February 1974. It also contains a "Declaration on strengthening of friendship and deepening of collaboration between the Republic of Cuba and German Democratic Republic". There is a photograph of Castro and one of Honecker, each placed before their speech. The photographs show the glorious leaders in full oratorical flow. The speeches contain much mutual congratulation, much delusion and much tedium. The best bits are the reactions of the crowd, faithfully recorded for posterity. At the beginning of his speech Castro says "Comrade Honecker and I will strive to be brief". (SHOUTS OF "NO! NO!") An interesting and rare item, a must for all Corbynistas.