Leeds: Trevor Winkfield. 1973.

Limited edition, no. 47 of 60 signed by Trevor Winkfield. Unpaginated. 53 leaves printed on one side. 280x210mm. Stapled. The Lewis Carroll Circular was published in only two numbers, in May 1973 and November 1974. There were only 60 copies of each number. Accordingly they are extremely rare. The First Number includes "The Ligniad"; "Reasonings on Rubbish"; "Musings on Milk"; "Thoughts on Thistles" and a Method "To find the day of the week for any given month". A scarce and fascinating volume.

“IF ALL ART ASPIRES toward the condition of music as Pater wrote, Trevor Winkfield must be counted among the most successful artists of all time”. (John Ashbury). Winkfield is almost impossible to categorise - he is an artist, but a poet too and an artist who has collaborated with poets (such as Ashbury). His eclectic and eccentric intelligence is, unsurprisingly, drawn to Lewis Carroll and in 1973 and 1974, he published two issues of this idiosyncratic journal which focuses on Carroll’s poetry and interest in word and number games. “Winkfield has a passion for word play that can become visual play; he edited two collections of Lewis Carroll ephemera, including some word games which suggest logical procedures for generating idiosyncratic sentences. He must like Carroll's multi-facetedness, the fact that the inventor of Alice was also a mathematician, a poet, a photographer. Lewis Carroll was a Victorian who wore many hats, and of course paradoxical headgear is a specialty in Winkfield's work”. (Jed Perl)

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