Stammheim Stammheim

London: Anthony d'Offay Gallery. 1995.

Limited edition, signed by Richter. A volume of twenty-three colour facsimile reproductions in actual size of a series of paintings done by Richter in response to the death in Stammheim Prison of four members of the Red Army Faction (Baader-Meinhof Gang) in October 1977. Introductory essay by Anne Seymour (reproduced in German at the end of the book). 202 by 127mm. pp. 60, [4]. White card covers, grey dust-jacket, title and author printed in black on the spine; title in red, author and date in black on the upper cover.

This is Richter’s second artistic response to the death of four members of the Red Army Faction in Stammheim. In 1988 he exhibited fifteen paintings entitled 18. Oktober 1977 based on the trial, deaths and funerals of the terrorists. In 1995, Richter then produced these twenty three paintings on pages torn from a copy of “Stammheim: The Case against the RAF” by Pieter H. Baaker Schut. Richter’s paintings use the same spreading and scraping technique that he uses in much of his abstract work and this collection is an abstract artist’s redaction of the text. The truth about the deaths in Stammheim emerges and disappears through the layers of Richter’s paint. Perhaps the truth lies in the art.