Sex Locked Out

London: Privately printed. 1928.

An unauthorised offprint dated December 1928 of an article dated November 25th 1928 from the Sunday Dispatch. 222x142mm. pp.12. Issued without wrappers but with protective tissue cover, bound with white cord, edges untrimmed. A fine copy.

A fine copy of this fragile unauthorised offprint of an article published in the Sunday Dispatch on November 25th 1928. McDonlaid’s bibliography suggests that the article may have been reprinted in London as a Christmas greeting, and affirms that Lawrence was probably unaware of its publication, but this is not entirely certain. It is doubtful that the booklet was ever offered for sale, and the number of copies issued is unknown. Lawrence wrote to Bernard Faulk, the editor of the Sunday Dispatch, and told him that he would “rather write for the Sunday Dispatch than for the high-brow papers and magazines. Though the thought of the godless Sabbath public makes me shiver a bit, I still believe it has more spunk than the ‘refined’ public. It comes back with some sort of response, even it it gives one gooseflesh”.