New York: RAW Books and Graphics. 1980-1983.

The first five issues of RAW (which ran for eleven issues). Large magazine format (360x265mm) with cartoon illustrated card covers. All five are in excellent, fine condition having been stored in removable plastic coverings. They are all presented with their inserts and additional publications including the first four chapters of Maus in their original formats bound into issues 2-5. Number 4 contains a vinyl flexi-disc entitled "Reagan Speaks for Himself".
Volume 1 Number 1: The Graphix Magazine of Postponed Suicides, Fall 1980. pp.36; Number 2: The Graphix Magazine for Damned Intellectuals, 1980. pp. 36. Number 3: The Graphix Magazine that Lost its Faith In Nihilism, 1981. pp. 52. Number 4: The Graphix Magazine for your Bomb Shelter's Coffee Table, 1982. pp.44. Number 5: The Graphix Magazine of Abstract Depressionism, 1983. pp. 52.

RAW was a seminal alternative magazine of the 1980s. It ran for eleven issues ending in 1991 with its final number, High Culture for Lowbrows a title which captures the essence of RAW. It presented serious and angry social, political and historical analysis in an anarchic cartoon format suggesting something of Pop Art (although Mouly claimed to have been influenced by the Russian Constructivists). RAW also drew on European high art but presented it in a comic strip format. Its marriage of high and low, the intellectual and the popular was instrumental in creating the atmosphere of cultural fluidity which we now accept as a post-modern norm.