Nine Sketchbooks
Nine Sketchbooks Nine Sketchbooks Nine Sketchbooks Nine Sketchbooks Nine Sketchbooks Nine Sketchbooks
A collection of nine sketch books by Peggy Hilton (née Stephens) including drawings of the artist Roger Hilton who was Peggy's brother in law. The books also contain other portrait sketches and many fashion drawings which are the main subject matter. The work is done in pencil, watercolour and pastel. The fashion drawings are particularly good and the colours beautifully preserved.

One of the books contains two full-length portraits of Roger Hilton, one showing him lying down reading and the other sitting while looking directly at the artist. There is one head drawing of Hilton. They are identified with a manuscript note reading "Roger Hilton" or "Roger". Two further books contain sketches of Roger. In addition to the portraits of Roger, there are also two drawings of Michael Hilton and drawings of and by Louise Holdsworth Hilton (nee Sampson), the mother of Roger. There is an ownership inscription of Jenny Hilton, the daughter of John Hilton who was Roger's older brother.

Before her marriage to John Hilton, Peggy Stephens, studied at art school in Paris (Académie Ranson) at the same time as Roger himself was there. During their time in Paris, Roger had an unrequited passion for Peggy's best friend Guilhen Perrier so Roger and Peggy would have been close at this time. Peggy also trained at the Slade (as did Roger) and was clearly, as these drawings demonstrate, an accomplished artist. According to Roger Hilton's biographer Adrian Lewis, Roger did some fashion drawings for Peggy to show her how easy they were to do so it is quite possible that some of these images are by him even though it is difficult to verify this with any degree of certainty. However, it is a tantalising thought that one of the most radical, pioneering and occasionally disturbing of British post-war abstract artists might have contributed drawings of expensive and beautiful dresses to his sister-in-law's sketchbooks.

Over the nine books, there are four hundred and forty seven pages containing drawings, sketches and studies. These are all in pencil, watercolour or pastel. The books were of course, working sketchbooks and so there are some (but remarkably few) tears to the pages and covers but in general they are in good or very good condition. Further details and images are available on request.

A fascinating archive of fashion drawings and family portraits with a link to Roger Hilton.