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Paris: Marie Concorde. 1970.

First edition. 280 by 220mm. Black and white photographs of three female models (deliciously described as "trois filles ensorcelantes") on card bound in spiral binding. The spiral bound photographs are protected by board wrappers covered with a black and white photograph of a young lady who has lost her trousers and seems eager to lose her jumper. The pages are split into four horizontal strips so that different heads can be put with different legs and so on in the manner of a children's game. But this is a little naughtier as each strip shows a particular state of dress or undress so that one can create a fully or partially clothed or unclothed young woman according to one's tastes in fashion and women. There are, apparently, 26,568 permutations which gives the happy owner an opportunity for his own small bit of "every day sexism" for the next 72.78 years. The photographs are in excellent condition. The covers are showing some marking and wear as one would expect and hope for a book of this nature.