Kent n.p.. 1789.

An original death warrant for the hanging of William Roberts, convicted of Highway Robbery at the Assizes on 27th July 1789. The sentencing Judges were Lord Loughborough, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas and Sir James Eyre who succeeded Loughborough in this role when the latter was appointed Lord Chancellor in 1793. The Sheriff of Kent by whom the Warrant was made was John Cartier who had spent time in India, initially with the East India Company. He assisted Clive of India in the capture of Bengal and was Governor of Bengal from 1769-1772 before being recalled to England. He was appointed High Sheriff of Kent for the latter part of 1789. The Warrant is addressed to "Thomas Watson Keeper of His Majesty's Gaol at Maidstone" and order the hanging to take place between between 10am and 2pm on Thursday 13th August.
The Warrant is written in black ink on one side of a single sheet of foolscap paper (320x200mm). The black wax seal is in the left margin. There are some tears to the edges on the left margin and it is fragile where it has been folded but it is in very good condition with no loss of text.